STAR Blog #3 - The Cool Benefits of Cryotherapy

This week we’re all about cryogenics at STAR Australia.

If you haven’t tried our state-of-the-art cryogenics chamber
and received all the benefits that go along with it. Then read on!

Studies have shown that exposing the body to subzero temperatures for several minutes provides advantageous health benefits that deliver substantial results and with this thought in mind, Cryotherapy was evolved. Originally developed by a Japanese doctor to treat patients with arthritis, cryotherapy exposure causes blood to leave the extremities and move into the core, where it is cleaned, oxygenated, and nutrient enriched.

The STAR Australia cryogenics provides whole-body cryotherapy that involves standing in our enclosed chamber, whilst the cold air is surrounding your body and working its magic. It induces several physiological changes, including faster blood flow, reduction of inflammation, less pain, as well as, decreasing recovery time between workouts. A further effective sign of cryotherapy is the releasement of endorphins for an energy boost and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended). Other perks include improved sleep, increased collagen production, and increased calorie burn (in the 400 to 800 range) that can last up to six hours post freeze.

Physical therapists suggest continuous treatment in a cryogenic chamber can enable a speedy adjustment and recovery. Our cryogenic chamber sessions are available in 30 minute timeframes with trained professionals that prioritise your wellbeing.

Ready to give cryotherapy a go and receive all the benefits that come with it? Book in your cryo session here.

Prior to your session you will be sent a list of instructions of how to get the most out of your time in the chamber along with a medical waiver.

STAR Blog #2 - Staying Hydrated

Welcome to the second edition of the Sports Training & Recovery Australia Blog. A dedicated space to bring you training and recovery tips to help you be #AtYourBest

If you are anything like us, you can’t wait for winter to end and the warmer days of spring & summer to begin.

The good news is that Spring is just over a month away and we’ll soon see sunnier days return. We always find it’s just that little bit easier to get up in the mornings at 5am when the sun is starting to peak through and it’s a nice temperature outside.

This is a good reminder that whether it be cold or warm, staying hydrated should remain high on your priority list.

Did you know that even during the winter months, sweat evaporates more rapidly in the cold, dry air, and that can result in dehydration.

Without the sweat, we are tricked into thinking we are not losing fluids as rapidly as during a hot, summer day. Cooler temperatures can also reduce the body’s thirst response.

Therefore, it’s still vital that you’re consuming water and/or electrolytes throughout the day throughout the day, especially if you’re an athlete.

As an example, we always recommend people consume a standard 600m bottle of water before and during all our session here at STAR.  Even more importantly before jumping in our infrared recovery sauna. This is so you can take full advantage of each session full benefits.

The radiant heat from our infrared sauna surrounds you and penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues increasing oxygen flow and circulation.

Using our Sanctuary Sauna helps to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals. When used properly, our infrared sauna will help improve your overall wellness.

So remember to keep a drink bottle by your side and keep your body well hydrated no matter the weather.

We hope to see you down at STAR soon to help you be #AtYourBest

Ted & Ben.

STAR Blog #1 - 2020 has been a wild ride

Welcome to the very first edition of the Sports Training & Recovery Australia Blog. A dedicated space to bring you training and recovery tips to help you be #AtYourBest

We’ll be bringing these to you on a regular basis featuring a wide range of topics on both our services here at STAR and also training & recovery tips for home.

There’s no doubt that the start of 2020 has been a wild ride. After years of planning and construction, we opened our doors in March only to be forced to temporarily shut just a few weeks later.

This was not unlike many businesses who have also seen a big disruption to their services.

But where lies crisis also lies opportunity.

The forced downtime meant all of us had no option other than to slow down from the hectic pace of our every day lives and take some time for ourselves. Strangely enough, this is what we encourage people to do by coming to STAR.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hustle and forget that self-care is very much an important part of living a balanced lifestyle.

Whether it be spending some time in our float therapy relaxation tank or even just chilling out in our recovery spa, it’s important to slow down and take time for yourself to recharge and recover.

When it comes to our recovery spa, it’s been proven that hydrotherapy spas are great at improving blood flow and reducing aches and pains. It doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior, the benefits are huge.

If you haven’t already, come on down to our Open Day on Wednesday 15th July between 4pm – 7pm to try out the spa and some of our other services for yourself.

We’re excited that our doors are once again open and look forward to welcoming all of our new and returning members. There’s no better place to keep you #AtYourBest

See you soon.

Ted & Ben.