The Super Star Package


The Super Star Experience


60min mHBOT session, 30min Sauna, 60min Float session

Leave feeling extremely relaxed and peaceful!

Super charge your health and well-being by trying a mHBOT, infrared sauna and float combo. This combination gives you the greatest relaxation benefit imaginable.  Chillout in the mHBOT where the increased pressure increases oxygen supply into blood cells and all the tissue and organs of the body.  Then jump into our sauna allowing the full spectrum of infrared waves to penetrate deep into your body relaxing, detoxing and de-stressing from the inside out!  Finally transfer into our float pod and allow the senses to relax, while the silky smooth water supports and keeps you warm, allowing your body to relax and reduce your stress levels.  Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and recharged!


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