At STAR we value your journey beyond your recovery. Here are some trusted business that share our same values

 STARFISH FITNESS is the leading provider of multi-sport and coaching service. We have been coaching triathlon, swimming and fitness services in the community for 20 years.  Starfish also offers Learn to Swim From 6 months of age to adults  

Running Fix provides running gait analysis, and podiatry services with a focus on athletes and sports injuries. Running Fix is here for athletes of all abilities – whether you’re an elite athlete, fitness fanatic, everyday exerciser, competitive commuter, or just taking the first steps on your active journey – to help you enhance your running experience.

 at DNT Fitness we pride ourselves in supplying our clients with a wide variety of training styles and sessions suited to all ages and fitness levels. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle mass, tone up or improve your general fitness level, recovery/rehabilitation training or satisfy your burning desire to achieve something you never thought possible… Then DNT Fitness has the answer for you.

At 12RND Birkdale there’s a reason we call our members ‘Fighters’. Ask a 12RND’er why they train and they’ll tell you, it’s for their family, or it’s for their future,or it’s for their mental health… everyone’s fighting for something, what are you fighting for?

  • By seeing a dietitian at Peak Potential Nutrition, you can:
  • Receive tailored advice
  • Get practical information that fits in with you and your family
  • Have a nutrition professional who understands your unique needs
  • Ensure your growth and sporting needs will be considered to help you be the healthiest young person you can be !             

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